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Volcano overview per region

Search for a volcano

overview of the GVP regions

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Volcano name (or part of):
Longitude range [-180,180]:
Latitude range [-90,90]:
Location rectangle:
Longitude [-180,180]:
Latitude [-90,90]:
Summit range (in m):
Year of last known eruption:
[1800 - present]
GVP volcano number:
[e.g. 0101-06=]
Notes on the searching

Search the list of volcanoes                                                              

It is possible to search the list of volcanoes used for the SO2 data and notification service, that is presented in the Volcano overview per region section.

The result is a list of volcanoes and the region(s) they are in.

The names of the volcanoes are taken from the the website of the Global Volcanism Programme. Some volcanoes also have alternative names, but these are not listed and thus will not occur in the search results.

Notes on searching

  • Volcano name
    This is case insensitive and assumes that ALL strings given must match (do not use operators such as AND or OR). The search cannot match strings with special characters, such as accented letters, so enter just normal Latin characters.

  • Longitude and latitude
    These should be given in decimal degrees and be in the range indicated
    • longitude: -180 (West) to +180 (East).
    • latitude: -90 (South) to +90 (North).
    where plus-signs may be omitted.

  • Summit elevation
    This is given in metres.

  • Year of last known eruption
    Only volcanoes with a last known eruption in the years 1800 to present are available in the search.

  • GVP volcano number
    This is the number under which the volcano is registered at the Global Volcanism Programme website; it has the form 0000-00x (with 'x' a number or '-' or '=').

  • General note
    The searching is done among the volcanoes within the 60 default 40 by 40 degree regions, and the polar regions (above 60 degrees latitude). Since these default regions overlap, a given volcano can appear in more than one region. About half the volcanoes is located in two regions, some 45 in four regions.
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