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Workshop 1:   3 October 2006 at BIRA-IASB

The first dedicated workshop took place on 3 October 2006 at BIRA-IASB.

The purpose of the workshop was to talk about the plans for the Service with the partners that will provide the data, with the main users of the data. And at the same time to take the opportunity to talk to people from the USA working on SO2 from OMI data, to see whether we can exchange data and ideas to improve both our services. At the workshop there were short presentations (of say 20-25 min.) of the different aspects of the Service and there was ample time for discussions.

List of participants

        Arlin Krueger
Claire Witham
Claus Zehner
Isabelle De Smedt
Jos van Geffen
Lucia Tampellini
Marianne Guffanti
Matthew Watson
Michel Van Roozendael
Philippe Husson
Pieter Valks
Ronald van der A
Rosana Romero Calero
Thilo Erbetseder
Walter di Nicolantonio
    University of Maryland
London VAAC
US Geological Survey
University of Bristol
Toulouse VAAC

Presentations  SACS  workshop on 3 October 2006

Noel Parmentier  (director of BIRA)
General overview of the Service   (0.8 MB)
Jos van Geffen  (BIRA)
Monitoring sulphur dioxide emissions from SCIAMACHY   (2.5 MB)
Jos van Geffen  (BIRA)
SO2 air mass factors and vertical columns for volcanic eruptions and pollution   (3.1 MB)
Pieter Valks  (DLR)
Volcanic Aerosol Indicator from SEVIRI / MSG   (10.6 MB)
Walter di Nicolantonio  (CGS)
Motion of volcanic plumes   (8.6 MB)
Thilo Erbetseder  (DLR)
Operational aspects of the Service   (0.4 MB)
Jos van Geffen  (BIRA)
lunch break
Overview of VAAC activities   (3.2 MB)
Claire Witham  (London VAAC)
IAVW & VAAC Toulouse   (22.3 MB)
Philippe Husson  (Toulouse VAAC)
NASA research satellite data for volcanic aviation hazards   (5.6 MB)
[ OMI SO2 movie   (3.0 MB) ]
Arlin Krueger  (University of Maryland)
Incorporating satellite data into the USGS volcano monitoring   (9.2 MB)
Marianne Guffanti  (US Geological Survey)
Prospects of GOME-2 on MetOp   (27.2 MB)
Pieter Valks  (DLR)
Exupery - A Volcano Fast Response System   (4.2 MB)
Pieter Valks  (DLR)
Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change   (1.0 MB)
Michel Van Roozendael  (BIRA)
Marianne, Claire, Pieter, Thilo, Ronald, Michel, Claus, Jos, Philippe, Arlin, Lucia
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