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Workshop 2:   26-27 November 2007 at Meteo France

At the first workshop in Oct. 2006, the interest was expressed from both the European and the US side to collaborate on a service alerting for possible volcanic activity using SO2 and volcanic aerosol data based on satellite measurements. Since then the service development has continued on both sides to a first (semi-)operational version, and plans for futher development withing current projects have become more clear.

The purpose of the second workshop was to further develop the collaboration and possibly expand the service and to raise awareness of what we are doing. This should then lead to a "Global Support to Aviation Control Service".
The idea is to do this in the framework the Atmospheric Composition Constellation (ACC) of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS).

List of participants

        Arlin Krueger
Cathy Clerbaux (*)
Claus Zehner
Diego Loyola
Ernest Hilsenrath
Fabrizio Ferrucci
Fred Prata
Grace Swanson
Jos van Geffen
Kenneth Holmlund
Philippe Husson
Pieter Valks
Thierry Phulpin (*)
Thilo Erbetseder
    University of Maryland
University of Calabria
Washington VAAC / NOAA
Toulouse VAAC / Meteo France
*) Only on 26 Nov.

Presentations  Global-SACS  workshop
on 26-27 November 2007

Philippe Husson  (Toulouse VAAC / Meteo France)
Purpose and scope of the meeting
Claus Zehner  (ESA / ESRIN)
Atmospheric Composition Constellation   (10.5 MB)
Ernest Hilsenrath  (NASA)
Operations of VAAC Toulouse   (17.6 MB)
Philippe Husson  (Toulouse VAAC / Meteo France)
Incorporating volcanic cloud data into USGS volcano monitoring   (2.0 MB)
Grace Swanson  (Washington VAAC / NOAA -- for USGS)
Sulfur dioxide and ash monitoring for volcanic aviation hazards   (12.9 MB)
Arlin Krueger  (Univ. of Maryland)
Use of Volcanic SO2 Satellite Observations for Operational Monitoring of Volcanic Activity   (4.8 MB)
Grace Swanson  (Washington VAAC / NOAA)
Calipso   (1.3 MB)
Thierry Phulpin  (CNES)
Global loading of fine ash from volcanic eruptions   (7.3 MB)
Fred Prata  (NILU)
SO2 retrieval with DOAS from space-borne UV measurements for monitoring volcanic activity   (2.9 MB)
Jos van Geffen  (BIRA-IASB)
Operational SO2 total column from GOME-2   (8.5 MB)
Diego Loyola  (DLR)
Monitoring of volcanic SO2 using thermal infrared IASI/METOP sounders (TES, IASI)   (19.1 MB)
Cathy Clerbaux  (CNRS (IPSL) / ULB)
EUMETSAT data and services   (25.6 MB)
Kenneth Holmlund  (EUMETSAT)
Volcano activities at the Australian VAAC   (18.8 MB)
Fred Prata  (NILU)
The Support to Aviation Control Service of PROMOTE   (14.4 MB)
Jos van Geffen  (BIRA-IASB)
Data User Element - GlobVolcano   (1.7 MB)
Fabrizio Ferrucci  (Univ. of Calabria -- for CGS)
Exupéry - Volcano Fast Response System   (14.6 MB)
Pieter Valks  (DLR)
Monitoring Invisible Volcanoes from Space   (1.2 MB)
Fabrizio Ferrucci  (Univ. of Calabria)
Support to Aviation Control: Transport of Volcanic Plumes - Analysis and Forecasting   (7.4 MB)
Thilo Erbetseder  (DLR)
Claus Zehner  (ESA / ESRIN)
Dinner in La Mare aux Canard on 26 November, with Jos, Grace, Claus, Arlin, Thilo, Fabrizio, Fred, Philippe, Ken, Pieter and Ernie.
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