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Status of the near-real time processing 2009

The near-real time processing takes place at BIRA-IASB, where it is run at a best-effort basis, which means that the processing is not monitored rigorously and attended only during office hours.

The following is a hand-maintained overview of the status of the NRT processing. The overview starts from the moment of the migration of the service to this new web site, May 2009.

The first column gives the date of the message and the part of the service the message refers to. The table does not list problems with the satellite instruments themselves; for that follow the links below the table.


date remark
7 Sep. 2009
Dissemination of all GOME-2 data stopped this morning: the instrument is undergoing a throughput-performance testing, until 12 Sep.
11 Aug. 2009
Post-processing and plotting of GOME-2 data stopped around 11:35 UTC due to local hardware problems. The issue was solved two days later.
06 July 2009
Transfer (KNMI) of the OMI SO2 & AAI processing completed.
27 May 2009
SCIA alert
Transfer of the SCIA SO2 processing completed, with a new background correction and clearer alert notifications.
20 May 2009
Transfer of the GOME-2 SO2 processing location completed. This transfer implements a new pre-defined region definition, new colour bar and other improvements in the presentation.
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Regarding the status of satellite instruments themselves:

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