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SACS notification archive -- help message An exceptional SO2 concentration which issues an automatic notification by e-mail
can lie (partly) in one or more of the pre-defined geographic regions. These regions are
spread evenly over the whole world: 5 by 12 plus the polar regions, 62 in total.

Users may be interested in notifications over only a part of the world. Using for this a selection
of the pre-defined regions is too complicated, just because there are so many.

For that reason four "Super Regions" have been defined, 110 degrees wide, with a mutual
overlap of 20 degrees -- the regions are shown in white in the graphs below.
The names of the regions are:

  • Europe-Africa (1)
  • Asia & Australia (2)
  • North & South America (3)
  • North & South Pacific (4)

You can select one or more (or all) of these "Super Regions" for which you would like
to receive the notifications.

Europe & Africa
Europe & Africa
from 40 West to 70 East
Asia & Australia
Asia & Australia
from 50 East to 160 East
North & South America
North & South America
from 130 West to 20 West
North & South Pacific
North & South Pacific
from 140 East to 110 West


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