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The Support to Aviation Control Service (SACS) was initially in the frame of the Volcanic & Air Quality SO2 services which was a set up and distributed as part of the following projects:
TEMIS -- Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service
PROMOTE -- Protocol Monitoring for the GMES Service Element
by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB, Brussels, Belgium) in collaboration with DLR (Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany) and KNMI (De Bilt, The Netherlands).

The TEMIS and PROMOTE projects are supported by the European Space Agency (ESA).
European Space Agency
The NRT Volcanic SO2 Service is now part of the Support to Aviation Control Service (SACS).

  Partners in SACS

BIRA-IASB Michel Van Roozendael,
Hugues Brenot, Nicolas Theys, Jeroen Van Gent
KNMI Ronald van der A
ULB Pierre Coheur, Lieven Clarisse,
Cathy Clerbaux, Yasmine Ngadi, Daniel Hurtmans

We would furthermore like to thank the following people for discussions, suggestions, information and other help:

DLR Pieter Valks, Meike Rix,
Loyola Diego, Thilo Erbertseder, Cordelia Maerker
CGS Walter Di Nicolantonio, Lucia Tampellini,
Giovanni Ballista, Alessandra Cacciari
ESA-ESRIN Claus Zehner
IPGP Fabrizio Ferrucci
JPL Edward Olsen
Météo France / Toulouse VAAC Philippe Husson, Patrick Josse
NILU Fred Prata
RT Soluctions, Inc. Rob Spurr
UK Met. Office / London VAAC Claire Witham, Nigel Gait
University of Maryland / NASA Arlin Krueger, Simon Carn,
Nick Krotkov
US Geological Survey Marianne Guffanti
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