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Downloadable documentation

Documentation on the Volcanic & Air Quality SO2 Services available for download:


  • Printeble version of the on-line product information, generated on 15 January 2008, which covers data product version 1.0.3 and service version S-07 (92 pages):

    Note: when printing this document, the PS file gives slightly better images than the PDF file does, but in either case the images are not of high quality.

  • Document Sulphur dioxide monitoring within TEMIS, which covers data product version 0.9.0 [service version S-04], was delivered on 29 November 2006.

    This document is primarily written to describe the SO2 data services within the themes "air pollution monitoring" and "support to aviation control" of the TEMIS project, but is intended to be more general and describe the SO2 data services as presented here for both the TEMIS and the PROMOTE project. The document is largely based on the on-line product information.



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