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Downloading data & image files

This page gives some notes regarding: If you want to use data or images for a publication,
in whatever form, please let us know!
We would like to keep a record of the usage of the data.

When using data or images, please mention by what
instrument aboard which satellite the data was aquired,
and that data and images can be found on the TEMIS
website at


Downloading data files

The data files can all be downloaded by hand from the data archive access pages or from the data source given. This manual downloading is convenient for data from individual days or a few days.

For downloading many files you can send an email requesting the data and the files will be zip-ed together and made available for ftp-download.

Alternatively, use a script to call a program that can automatically download files from the web, such as "wget" (available here):

wget [options] URL

or a text-based browser, such as "lynx" (available here):

lynx -dump URL > output_file

Below follow some examples in the "wget" format, where


for short. For other sources of the data the URL is of course different; this one is valid for the SO2 SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 data available via this website.

To download the HDF file with the daily gridded data for 30 July 2009:

wget {DataPath}/archive/SciaOfl/2009/07.hdf/30/scia_20090730.hdf

To downlowd the HDF file for the monthly average of July 2009:

wget {DataPath}/archive/SciaOfl/2009/07.hdf/month/scia_200907.hdf

To download the zip-ed ASCII data files for 30 July 2009:

wget {DataPath}/archive/SciaOfl/2009/07.orb/30/

wget {DataPath}/archive/Gome2Ofl/ZIPfiles/

To get access to a larger set of data files you can contact us and send a request. Then the data files will be made available via anonymous ftp.


Downloading image files

The images (maps) presented on the website can be downloaded in a similar way as downloading the data files mentioned above.

Have a look at the images in the NRT service.


High-resolution image files

High-resolution images can be obtained from the data product contact via email or anonymous ftp. When asking for high-resolution image, please specify:
  • the format: PostScript, GIF, PNG, JPEG or TIFF
  • if not PostScript, then either the size of the image in pixels, or the size of the image in cm or inch, as well as the resolution in dpi
  • the date and region to plot
  • the data type: daily data at orbit or grid coordinates, 3-day composite, monthly average
  • whether you want the plot in colour (as on the web) or in a greyscale
Note that since these images have to be produced by hand, it is not possible to get a large number of images.
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