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Region 206

region type: rectangular region
region size: 40 by 40 degrees
region centre: (longitude,latitude) = (0,30)
Most recent SO2 concentration date for this region:
This region encompasses the following volcanoes with last known eruptions since 1800 AD. The name of a volcano in the table below is a link to an info-page at the website of the Global Volcanism Programme (GVP). The table gives the summit elevation (in meters) and the year of the last known eruption, omitting any uncertainties in these given at the GVP website.

      long.    lat.  summit  year   volcano name

      15.00   37.73   3330   2020   Etna
      15.21   38.79    924   2020   Stromboli

     -17.83   28.57   2426   2021   La Palma   [1] 
      14.43   40.82   1281   1944   Vesuvius
     -16.64   28.27   3715   1909   Tenerife   [2] 

      12.02   36.77    836   1891   Pantelleria
      14.96   38.40    500   1890   Vulcano
     -13.63   29.03    670   1824   Lanzarote

   submarine volcanoes

      12.70   37.10     -8   1867   Campi Flegrei Mar Sicilia

Notes based on the GVP website:
  1. The GVP website lists this volcano as "La Palma", but it actually is composed of two large volcanic centers: "Caldera Taburiente" at 2426 m and "Cumbre Vieja" at 1949 m.
  2. The name of this volcano is "Teide", but that name is not used on the GVP website to identify the volcano.

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