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Subscription to the notification system

The following form allows you to subscribe to the automatic e-mail notification of exceptional SO2 concentrations presented on these web pages. This service and the data behind it is provided free-of-charge. The notifications are send to the e-mail address you provide.

All fields marked * are required. Links marked 'help info' provide information on the choices (opens a new window).

You will be contacted through the e-mail address you provide in the form when you have been added to the service; this may take a few days. The information you supply will be treated confidentially and your email address will not be given to anyone else.

* Name :    
* Organisation :    
* Country :    
* E-mail address :    
* Region(s) of   
interest :  


  Europe & Africa
  Asia & Australia
  North & South America
  North & South Pacific
see for
region definitions
Please give a (short) description why you would like to be added to the e-mail notification service. The reason to ask this is that we -- that is the service team and the financiers of the service -- would like to know who is using the service and the data and for what purpose. (Note that HTML coding is not allowed here.)


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